Canadian Media Connection - About Us
Canadian Media Connection is a national media sales representation firm. CMC incorporated in
1991. CMC Has offices in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.

Our Mission, as a national media representation company. CMC positions itself as an extension of the sales force of the media that we represent. Our mission is to optimize the revenue on behalf of our clients from the territories for which we are responsible.

Our Core People
The Partners / Associates
Marty Tully

Marty established Canadian Media Connection in 1990 and a founding partner of Wave Media Sales. He has over 25 years experience placing national and retail accounts in major media, including daily newspapers, magazines, radio, television and the Internet.
Marty maintains an active role in the industry, as a member or director of the following:
- The Advertising Club of Toronto
- Tourism Association of Canada (TIAC)
- New York Travel & Vacation Association
- Canadian Media Directors Council
Doug Hammond
Doug is a founding partner in Wave Media Sales. He has in-depth experience in the sales, marketing and publishing of magazines for over 25 years, some of which include:
- National Sales Manager, Homemakers/Madame au Foyer
- Publisher, Today’s Health Magazine
- Publisher, Country Music Magazine
He established his own magazine rep firm (TransMediaMarketing) in 1991 and has worked with most major advertisers and maintains ongoing relationships with major accounts. Doug has also been active in assisting clients in developing new projects, working on the launch/re-launch of properties and assisting in sales/ marketing development.
Nik Reitz
Nik is a partner in Wave Media Sales. For the past thirty years he has worked with a wide range of consumer and trade publications. These include:
- Feature/MovieEntertainment & Primeurs
- Legion Magazine
- Sears Catalogue Insert program
- Parade
- enRoute and Inflight Network
- Food & Drink
In addition he has coordinated a number of special publishing projects:
- Golf Canada and Canadian Open Program as publisher
- Cadillac Golf Classic Souvenir Issue as publisher
- EXPO 86 Official Guide as co-publisher
David Griffins
David is President of GriffAction, a well-respected rep firm in Montreal. GriffAction is CMC/WMS’s associate office in Montreal. David started his business in 1991 and has a bilingual sales staff in Montreal and a sales person based in Ottawa. David’s background brings over 25 years of media sales experience. Among other publications David also represents Time Magazine in Quebec and Atlantic Canada.
John Ross
John is President of Westcom Marketing and is our sales associate responsible for Western Canada. John’s sales experience of over 20 years makes him a seasoned professional who is well respected among clients and agencies alike. John’s background includes being the Advertising Director for the Winnipeg Sun.

Canadian Media Connection, 25 Isabella Street, Toronto, Ontario, M4Y 1M7,Phone: 416.964.3247, Fax: 416.964.0964