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HIFI HD TV HIFI HD TV is Canada’s leading all-HD broadcast and production company with four channels:

Channel 1 RUSH HD™ is Canada's high-octane, no-fear, no-limits extreme sports HD Channel, exploring the human need to completely ignore the physical limits.
Imagine launching yourself off a thousand-foot cliff with nothing but a hand-held parachute, and a serious hope that it works. If it challenges the human spirit

Channel 2 OASIS HD™ is the first nature channel committed to continuous, clutter-free programming, showcasing the endless beauty of the natural world.

Channel 3 EQUATOR HD™ brings the world's most intriguing places and people into intimate and personal contact, with exclusive stories of remote cultures, rare geography and unique rituals that hold a mirror to ourselves and how we interact with the planet. Equator HD takes viewers on the incredible paths that connect us all.

Channel 4 TREASURE HD™ is about exploration, the thrill of the hunt, and the joy of discovering that rare unique find. From the sunken treasures off the Florida Keys to incredible flea market finds; from the eccentric collection of The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum to a compilation of every Pez dispenser ade, Treasure HD takes you

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