Canadian Media Connection - Our Services
Where we fit
Every business is in a constant state of transition; mergers, acquisitions, growth, downsizing, international expansion, new markets, more competitors and legislation changes. Depending on the situation, reaction to these transitions can differ. Many of the challenges are internal issues and can be handled within the existing company structure. However, when other forms of expertise are required, companies choose to go to outside suppliers to fulfill the needs for a number of reasons.
Why we fit in
  • The company does not have an existing sales force
  • The task at hand may be short term
  • The expertise required may not be within the company‚Äôs resources
  • Employee expansion to cover the return on investment for the work required would not be prudent
Our Approach
Our success is based on:
  • Sales Experience
  • Market Knowledge
  • Respect in the Marketplace

We believe that by maintaining and building our capability in these primary sectors, our strategic sense and professional skill-sets will ultimately benefit each of our clients.

All sales and marketing efforts are done under the
Canadian Media Connection name. CMC is centrally located in downtown Toronto, complete with support staff and easy access to most advertising agencies.

Each principal has brought experience and knowledge in areas that complements the growth objectives of our organization.

Canadian Media Connection, 25 Isabella Street, Toronto, Ontario, M4Y 1M7,Phone: 416.964.3247, Fax: 416.964.0964